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Anglin family research

I begin to research my Anglin family as soon as my father's DNA results came in from the Anglin surname project. I quickly realized a side of myself that was not exactly apparent before this time. Evidently, I can be quite obsessive and stubborn when confronted with an unknown piece of a puzzle. I have heard said that this gift or curse depending on the situation is a very "Irish" trait. Having that said, I come by it honestly it seems.
The Anglin DNA project has put me into group 2 out of four non related Anglin families. At one time we all thought we were related, then the DNA proved sadly that we were not, I had to mourn the loss of my ancestors who's stories and names I held in my heart as my family. I'm over it now, I have new stories to discover and new ancestors to fall in love with.
I've met some very smart and talented researchers who have graciously taught me their skills over the past couple of years, to them I am thankful. Within this past year, I've met some very colorful and highly imaginative folks, some opinionated and somewhat light on the friendly side folks, some funny and talented folks and some helpful and kind hearted folks. All of the people I've met through this journey have one thing in common, they want to honor our ancestors by bringing their stories alive as individuals that held a special place in this world before us.
We can't change the truth for it is what it is, we have to accept the fact that not every ancestor was a good person, not all were heroes or patriots, but they were our family never the less. From war heroes and bushwhackers to preachers and thieves, they were individually unique and held a leaf in the tree of our family.
It is my hope that we can help each other tell these stories to the best of our abilities. We have a few "holes" in our family tree that I am determined to fill with the truth.
I will be using this blog to share any new research I find and I hope that you will do the same. Please fill free to share information from any of the four Anglin family groups.